Gothic Suit of Armour, 18G by SAY


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This fully articulated harness in the German ‘Gothic’ style of the late 15th century is made to be worn and provides the costumer and living-history participant with a suit that typifies the period..The fluting on the breastplate, cuisses (thigh guards), pauldrons (shoulder guards) and gauntlets is typical of armour made in southern Germany during this time, being not only aesthetically pleasing but also increasing strength and resistance to blows without adding extra weight. The combination of a sallet helm and bevor, again typical of the Gothic style, would have provided excellent protection for the head and throat. The suit is crafted in 18 ga. steel to reduce weight, allowing the occupant to wear it for extended periods without major discomfort.

Chainmail coif shown is not included.


CAS Iberia

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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 72 in


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